Bahman Parsa

For over half a century until his passing in 2017, Bahman Parsa created a voluminous body of work. His worldview & vision for the sublime radiate throughout his creations. What remains is a diverse catalog of his endeavours including unreleased photographs, limited quantities of 1st edition books, & original commissions of Nastasliq calligraphy by Iranian masters such as Keykhosro Khoroush & Gholam Hossein Amirkhani. His last project, anthologies of Rumi & Hafiz with miniature Persian paintings, is a labor of love which began forty years ago & is now part of exhibitions at the gallery as well as traveling to various destinations.

Sia Yazdanfar

Tehran native Sia Yazdanfar grew up exposed to various cultures throughout Spain, Pakistan, & Nigeria before migrating to the United States as a young adult. After decades abroad he returned to his homeland to reconnect with family & continue in the footsteps of his late stepfather Bahman Parsa. This journey of self-discovery led to the opening of a gallery in the Iranian capital. years of living abroad have inspired him to share the beauty of his home country through his lens, not only in Iran but internationally at various exhibitions showcasing photography depicting millenia of Persian culture & history.